Sports Wagering

Sports Wagering Now in Transition From Football To Baseball

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The Super Bowl is the culmination of a stress filled year of betting for gamblers around the world. The time that follows serves as a much needed break from the stress before the Major League Baseball season begins.

For the casual gambler, the NFL has everything to offer. The games are exciting. Point spreads are relatively easy to understand, and there are experts to turn to for answers around every corner.

There is another breed of gambler out there, however. The hardcore bettor. For the hardcore bettor, there are now a few weeks off before their attention turns to March Madness followed by Major League Baseball.

March Madness happens for only a month, not enough time to drive gamblers crazy. So the transition from football briefly pauses for college hoops, before focusing on baseball. Baseball lines are much more complex than their football counterpart. They contain pluses and minuses that only the well trained gambler can understand. The games are more boring, and the season is played everyday from April until October.

To be a baseball gambler, it takes a special kind of person. The type that not only loves the game, but can sit through nine, long, stress filled innings, before an outcome is achieved.

The chances of having underdogs win games is much greater in baseball than football. The other side of that is that there are also fifteen games nightly, with game totals for all.

In the end, the reality for these hardcore gamblers is this. The month in between the Super Bowl and spring training games, serves as a much needed break for even the most devoted of bettors.

Randy Moss

Randy Moss The Betting Favorite To Score First Touchdown in Super Bowl

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Randy Moss spent part of the off season wondering where he would be playing this football season. Now, as the Super Bowl approaches, he has become the favorite by the odds makers to score the first touchdown in the game.

Moss has odds of +400 to be the first player to score a touchdown this weekend. Those are the lowest odds among all the players in the game.

Laurence Maroney is the second choice of the odds makers at +600. The first Giant that is listed is Plaxico Burress. His odds are +700.

In essence, that means that sports books believe that New England will be the first team to score a touchdown in Arizona on Sunday. Upon looking at many of these prop bets, one has to wonder if the Giants have any shot at all at winning this game.

Up and down the list of propositions there are lower odds across the board on the Patriots in almost every scoring prop. If the Giants do pull the upset, or even get on the board early, it could leave many gamblers happy.

There is no doubt that gamblers will seize the opportunity to play the odds and hope for a miracle from the Giants. The game line continued to drop today. The Patriots are now only favored by eleven and a half. That is almost a full field goal less than where the game opened at.

Betting Odds Will Change After Johan Santana Trade To Mets

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The New York Mets are coming off a season in which they put themselves and their fans through one of the worst collapses in the history of baseball.

Going into the off season, the pressure was on General Manager Omar Minaya to bring in the type of player that would help the organization forget last years horrible end to their season.

On Tuesday, Minaya made possibly the biggest trade in the history of the Mets. Johan Santana, the best pitcher in baseball was dealt to the Mets for four prospects.

The trade will not only make the Mets one of the favorites in the National League, but also a favorite to win the World Series. Sports books scurried today to pull off their baseball futures odds after hearing of the potential trade.

The smart guess would be that those odds will not again appear for the Mets until after they negotiate with Santana on an extension. Once that is complete and all players pass physicals, the trade will be complete. Then you can expect that sports books will re post the odds, and most likely the Mets will be a much lower price to win it all than they were last weekend.


High Numbers

NFL Playoff Betting Odds Have Gamblers Laying High Numbers

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The NFL has a way of working itself out. When teams make runs like the Pittsburgh Steelers did a few season’s ago, it is considered the exception in this league, not the rule.

This week, the NFL is holding semi-final games in the two conferences and sports books do not expect any of the games to be close. The lowest point spread is seven and a half.

The New England Patriots are trying to match the Miami Dolphins as the only football franchises to ever go through a season undefeated. They are hosting a Jacksonville team that is among the hottest in football. The odds makers are not impressed. New England is favored by thirteen and a half.

Indianapolis is the defending Super Bowl champions, and judging from this week’s spread against the Chargers, odds makers like their chances of repeating. The Colts are favored by eight and a half.

In the NFC one has to wonder what the point spread would be in the Dallas-Giants game if Terrell Owens was healthy. Owens is a game time decision, and the Cowboys are still favored by seven and a half. Apparently sports books do not believe Eli Manning can have three good games in a row.

The other game features Green Bay facing the coach who won them a Super Bowl, Mike Holmgren. His current team, Seattle, was in the Super Bowl two years ago, and is hoping to get back. To do that they must beat the number two seeded Packers. Green Bay is favored by eight.

Almost every year there is an upset in this round of the playoffs. So before any of those point spreads look too good to be true, and you think the underdogs are over matched, do some more research.

Playoff Betting Odds

NFL Playoff Betting Odds: Chargers, Buccaneers, Over Titans, Giants

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The first day of wild card weekend went almost as planned. Both favorites won, but only one of them covered the point spread. Seattle won big over Washington in the NFC. Over in the AFC, the Jaguars use a last minute field goal to get by the Steelers, but they did not cover the two and a half point spread.

Today, the sports books take their shot at predicting the games once again. San Diego is favored heavily over what appears to be an over matched Titan team. In the NFC, Tampa Bay is a small favorite over the Giants.

Not many people are giving the Titans much of a chance to win in San Diego Sunday. Although Tennessee won their last game against Indianapolis to get into the playoffs, that win only gave them a road trip to San Diego. The Chargers are one of the hottest teams in football.

In the NFC, the Giants travel to face Tampa bay. Many analysts think the Giants can pull the upset. The problem with trying to handicap this game is that neither team has played consistently. That leaves the team that brings their “A” game as the probable winner.

Today concludes Wild Card weekend, and the winners of today’s games will join Jacksonville and Seattle on the road for next weeks Divisional games. Dallas, Green Bay, Indianapolis, and of course, New England, will be waiting.

NFL Betting Odds: Gamblers Going The Way of Undefeated Patriots

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New England has been a strong point spread covering team all season. They started strongly covering most of their early season games with ease before tailing off a bit in the second half.

If they cover the spread tonight against Jacksonville, they will cement the idea in people’s minds that they can run the table on this football season.

The point spread opened up in most places at Patriots -11.5. The number as of today is -13.5 and climbing. That indicates that gamblers are not sold on the idea that Jacksonville can present a problem for the Patriots.

Jacksonville certainly will have the added motivation of being a team that has not been give any respect by gamblers. How far that motivation will carry them tonight is the question that will have to be answered ion the minds of people betting on tonight’s game.

New England will not be free of pressure. They are almost two touchdown favorites. Any challenge from the Jaguars early in the game could present a problem and start the stress that comes with losing a perfect season.

The game is set for 8:00 in New England. The total on the game is fifty.